Samoa Air is upgrading its fleet to better serve the two Samoas.  In the interim the following schedule will apply:

AIR TAXY services will continue to operate daily from Faleolo. Do note, all International flights are currently on hold, pending new aircraft arrival. Daily flights from Upolu (Faleolo) to Savaii (Maota) 0800-1000-1200-1400-1600. Daily flights from Savaii (Maota) To Upolu (Faleolo) 0900-1100-1300-1500-1700 are available.

KILO Rates apply: $1.34 Tala per Kilo. Incl GST, Airport Taxes.

Call AIR TAXY at +685-7700948 or 27905 or 8427958

Check Newsletter and Breaking News for more info! 


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